25 Inspirations for Living Jumbo Tote Bag

25 inspirational sayings in 25 colorful dots, on a large, 100% cotton tote bag. Inspire yourself and others with this great tote bag! Sayings include: Have an Open Mind, Dream BIG, Do what you love, Never Give Up, Embrace the Journey, Believe in Something, Travel Often, Choose Happiness, Be Fearless, Forgive Easily, Cherish Every Moment, Listen to your Heart, LIVE, Take Chances, Be a Good Friend, Be Kind to Yourself, Laugh Every Day, Fall in Love, Make a Difference, Never Stop Learning, Do Your Best, Enjoy the Little Things, Change the World, Do Good and Follow Your Dreams.


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Customizable with your name, image or text

Jumbo Tote Bag from $23.45

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25 Inspirations for Living  ジャンボトートバッグ




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