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Hi, my name is Elton, and I am the designer and creator of YogaYogaYoga.me. I started doing Yoga in junior high school in California back in the ’70’s. The administrators at the local Adult Education dept. had to talk to my mother to let me get in to Yogi Sharma’s weekly night class.  I was hooked.


Since then, I have continued doing Yoga in class and out, and have learned so much from listening to my own body, and from the Silence that is everywhere. Now I teach Yoga and English in Japan.

YogaYogaYoga.me started as a way for me to help others share the inspiration that Yoga is in our lives. My designs are inspired by the great teachers and legacy of thousands of years of practice, and by our own experience of Yoga today. Nature is also a big inspiration for the designs on YogaYogaYoga.me products.

I hope you’ll find something you like here- something that expresses your inspiration, or something that inspires you. And then I hope you’ll enjoy sharing that inspiration, on the mat or on the go.

Peace & Love,

Unlimited and Absolutely

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