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We don’t like to pay first price, and don’t think you should have to, either.

Discounts, another reason we love Zazzle! At Zazzle, something is always on sale. And there are volume discounts. But who wants to buy 11 of the same thing just to get 10% off??


The way to save on Zazzle is with SALES. Site-wide sales of 15-50% off are common. And category-specific sales of 15-60% off are common, too. We know sometimes an order can’t wait. But when it can, and the lowest price is paramount,


The easiest way to do this on Zazzle is to make a Collection. Shop through the site and online store, and when you see something you’d like to buy, add it to one of your collections-


And then when there is a sale, it will be easy to return to the items you’ve already chosen, make your size, color and quantity selections, and reap huge savings!


To help you know when there is a sale on Zazzle, you can sign up to receive discount alerts by email from We respect your privacy, and will not share your information with anyone. Click on the Subscribe button below to get sale updates by email-

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